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Updated Cheap Grow Tent

Guys… I’ve been running into problems. My original plan for the $250 grow didn’t work out exactly so I’ve had to make some amendments. I’ve been working out all the kinks and I think I’m there now.

First, the soil blend I was using, the Harvest Organics Potting Mix, was too wet and wasn’t draining properly. I needed to completely scrap the two pots I had filled with the potting mix and try again.

To fix my drainage problem, I bought a bag of Espoma Organics Perlite and mixed the entire bag in with a whole bag of the Harvest Organics Potting Mix. Perlite is a volcanic glass that has been heated until it kind of pops to make a little glass puff, similar to Styrofoam Since it’s glass, perlite doesn’t absorb water so it’s a great tool to aerate your soil. Adding the perlite totally fixed my drainage problem.

Next I quickly realized that my super cheap AliExpress lights were not going to cut it. They just weren’t powerful enough and weren’t generating nearly enough heat to keep the tent warm. I still want to keep this grow cheap though, so I scoured Amazon for the best of the cheap lights. I ended up landing on this COB LED fixture. It is advertised to replace a 1500W light and pull about 300W from the wall. So far I’m really liking it. The light is super bright, enough that I need to wear my snow goggles when the tent is open.

The final problem I’ve been having has nothing to do with the actual set up. My biggest problem is the cold winter temperatures in my basement. This little tent can’t hold enough heat to combat the frigid temps, so I moved it upstairs to a spare bedroom. In the basement, my grow tent temperature was dropping down to 64° at night. Now I’ve leveled the temperature out to a good 79°, right where I want it.

With all of these changes incorporated, it costs $304.06 to set up this beginner grow tent.

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