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February Favorites

Now that February’s over I’m looking back on to see what I’ve really been loving an using this month. Some of it is new, and some of these are things that I’ve done before but had a strong presence this month.

February has been BUSY for Chef Anna and I. In January Chef announced his first ever Autoflower Day, so we’ve been running around like crazy trying to organize vendors, discounts, giveaways and creating a website for it. I can’t wait to show you all everything we’ve been working on.

1. Autoflower Day Merch

Obviously first on my list of February Favorites is our new Autoflower Day merch! We’ve got tees, hoodies, sweatshirts and tanks available for men and women. I’m super partial to the white hoodie, but Chef is really into the red. They come in a variety of colors so you can pick something that matches your Instagram. Order now so you can wear it on 3/20 and share a picture or go live wearing it! Make sure to tag me in any pictures so I can share them in my stories!

2. Jiffy Peat Pellet

These are a godsend. Trust me. Chef and I have been using Root Riot starter cubes for years, and they work great. The drawback for me is that you have to purchase so many at a time. The smallest bag available on Amazon is a 50-pack. When I set up my super cheap grow set-up, I was looking for something similar to the Root Riot cubes that had a low start-up cost, and found these Jiffy Peat Pellets at Home Depot. They come in a 30-pack and so far have worked just as well as the Root Riot cubes. I’ve successfully popped 4 seeds in them, and Chef has done a couple too.

3. Pink silicone ash tray

I’ll be honest, this was an impulse purchase. I saw this pink silicone ash tray while stalking Lauryn Evart’s stories and immediately swiped up for it. (I’ll pretty much buy anything TSC-approved.) This ash tray is baby pink and just so damn cute. It doesn’t do anything special, I just really love it because it fits my vibe. So freaking cute.

4. TDS Meter

On tonight’s livestream show, I’m using this TDS meter to test the PPM of the tap water in my house. We all know that water quality is important for your cannabis plants, so this can help you determine if you can safely use the tap water in your home or if you need to find an alternative, like buying distilled water at the grocery store or investing in a reverse-osmosis filtration system.

5. pH strips

Lastly, these pH strips are another favorite. I’ll be using these on tonight’s livestream too, to test the pH level of my tap water. If you find your water is too high or too low on the pH scale, you can grab some pH Up or pH Down to correct it. If you’re using bottled nutrients, you can choose a line that is pH correcting on its own and never even worry about this.

And Chef Anna’s Favorite Thing of the month: SHORT & FAT AUTOS, like these Tyrone Special's from Mephisto Genetics. He's so detailed...

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