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Let’s See if This Works: Grow Organic Marijuana at Home for Less Than $250

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Hi all, AP here. This is the first official blog post on Withthepot, and it’s been a long time coming. Chef and I are both so glad to bring you more content with more detail on a consistent basis. Withthepot will be a place that we both come to share what we’re working on, what cool new product we found, and all of our hacks, tips and tricks.

First up on the docket is my idea for a cheap grow using almost exclusively products that you can get in your local stores. And even better, it’s completely organic.

If you’re in an area where home growing isn’t acceptable, and you want to stay under the radar, it’s not ideal to charge hundreds of dollars on your credit card to marijuana-supply companies, and have large boxes sitting on your doorstep all day until you get home from work. I get it. That’s why I wanted to try to figure out how to complete a grow for the low, and shopping at local stores. Everything in this grow comes from Lowes, Meijer, English Gardens and Amazon, except for the lights and fabric pots that came from Best of all, you can buy EVERYTHING for your first grow for less than $250.

So let’s get to it. In this run, I will be growing 2 plants in 5-gallon fabric pots in one 2’x3’ tent. I found these super cheap clip-lights on AliExpress. These clip lights are less than $12.00 a piece and can be clipped anywhere. The ones I have are the 200 watt LEDs that ship from China. Now, I’ve never used this light before. It might be total bullshit and useless, but this is an experiment so let’s see if this works.

Update: These lights were not strong enough so I replaced them with this fixture. This adds about $50 to the total cost of the grow.

Now, onto the rest of the supplies I’m working with. I’m using Harvest Organics Potting Mix for soil. This soil is mixed with pine bark, perlite and peat moss, so I don’t think that I need to add anything to aerate the soil but I will add nutrients. I bought this soil at Lowe's for $8.48. I won’t be using Root Riot cubes during this run either. Instead, I’ll be germinating from Jiffy Peat Pellets that I also bought at Lowes for $3.54.

Note: Once I planted my first initial seeds, I saw that the Harvest Organics Potting Mix was too wet on its own. It wasn't drying out at all so I developed a thin layer of white mold on the top within a couple of days. I bought a bag of Espoma Organics Perlite and combined the entire bag with my Harvest Organics potting mix. This completely resolved my dampness issues and created a soil blend that will release water much better.

For my initial nutrient blend, I bought Espoma Bio-Tone from English Gardens that I will mix into the Harvest Organics Potting Mix before even planting my seed. Once I reach the flower stage, I’ll start sprinkling Espoma Flower-Tone over the top of my soil before watering to help boost the bud growth during flowering.

I’ve only grown a few marijuana plants, but I’ve noticed that all of them require additional calcium and magnesium periodically. I fully expect that these plants will need supplemental cal-mag so I’ve found organic DIY recipes to use. Look out for additional blog posts on those later. And of course, I always want an extra boost of CO2 so I’ll be using a DIY solution for that as well.

And that’s the whole rundown! Below is a table of everything I’m using in this grow and the price I paid. After everything was purchased, the total I spent on this grow was $239.82. So now let’s see if this works…

Side note: If you don’t know about already, you’re welcome. AliExpress is China’s version of Amazon. If you look for some common products on Amazon, you’ll see the same ones on AliExpress for a significant discount. However, shipping from China is slow so it can take weeks for your order to come in.

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